change font wordpress theme

19. září 2011 v 13:57

Today Ian Stewart made a WordPress Theme Team announcement that concluded with: I love the idea of meeting the
You can change fonts using HTML but it
Earlier this month WordPress 3.2.1 was released and the download included some small, but visual changes. As a writer I was not too happy when I noticed that the .
How to change the font size in WordPress using JavaScript and +/- buttons. Change your text size for specific content or the

change font wordpress theme

whole site.
Paste the following code into your theme functions.php file: function change_editor_font(){ echo " #editorcontainer textarea#content { font .
Overview. A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying, unifying design for a blog.
Fonts Represent Your Content. There's no doubt that your words, your posts, are the meat and potatoes of your blog or website. Those words, along with your lovely colors .
A guide for changing the fonts on your WordPress blog. No coding knowledge required.
hi, Not too good at css changes. How the heck do I change the font size in post content that is using h1,h2, h3. h4, h5 or h6? I would like to make small changes like font .
Changing the font in the header of WordPress blog theme can be done if you know what files to edit. However the code to edit can (and will) vary in all themes. This .
I hope I am not being totally lame and just missing this. but is there a way to selectively change change font wordpress theme the font size of certain words you select to do so with?

Useful tips to change the default fonts in the Twenty Eleven Theme to a different font. Also how to use fancy fonts from Google Webfonts in Twenty Eleven Theme
Seems like the upshot is that there is currently NO way to change fonts or type size in the post editor. But Blogger does have this feature. I want to use WordPress, but .
Changing fonts for your WordPress Themes is easier than doing other customizations. Fonts are clearly specified in the stylesheet so you can change them easily
Can you help me to change wordpress theme font. I need This font "Papyrus Bold" This . Although it's possible to change to font that you want, Papyrus Bold is not a .
Hi, as the title says I
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