good slogans for secretary

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FunAdvice ASAP; running for school secretary, need funny slogans :) has 5 answers. Ask any Education & School questions you have and get fast answers.
"Ni se enciende una l�mpara y se pone debajo de un almud, mas sobre el candelero, y alumbra � todos los que est�n en casa. As� alumbre vuestra luz delante de los .
Best Answer: vote for me then you can hope for change.
What are some good campaign slogans to run for club secretary?
What is a good campaign slogan for a person running for senior class secretary?
What are some good slogans for running for secretary? ChaCha Answer: Four out of five doctors recommend me for secretary. The fifth.
If you want your school to be the best, vote for the best! NAME for secretary!!
Best Answer: I take action, you get good results If you want the best, you have to vote for the best Vote for Jessica and you can come aboard the leaderSHIP "Victoria .
I am running for secretary of the student council. I am in sixth grade and need some really catchy slogans, preferably ones that rhyme. Can anyone help?
Top questions and answers about Good good slogans for secretary Campaign Slogans. Find 26 questions and answers about Good Campaign Slogans at Read more.
What are some good campaign slogans for class secretary? ChaCha Answer: "Change We Can Believe In" - Obama won with it, maybe you can.
Question of the day: What are some good campaign slogans for student council secretary?
Best Answer: Don't settle for less. Vote for Courtney Papillion, she's the best. . Readers r LEADERS
good campaign slogans. The following is a partial list of 19th, 20th and 21st-century political slogans in the English language. .. Related good campaign slogans .
Print this article; A good slogan may

good slogans for secretary


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