plugging suboxone strips

19. září 2011 v 13:42

Subutex/Suboxone withdrawal after long term use, HELP!!! Nervous about using Fentanyl patches; Why doe it seem so many people trade1addiction for another???
Hello im sara, new to this great forum. Im not advocating or suggesting this but it . i have heard this. many people plug things. thats what its called. plugging .
So I just went to my Suboxone doctor today and asked about some sort of strips that I heard about and plugging suboxone strips he said, "you mean the film strips" and he wrote me a script and .
Suboxone Helpline Resources Resolved Question: Has anyone tried injecting the Suboxone film strips?
so I searched around, haven't found anything, but today after reading the "how to shoot your suboxone films" thread, I thought about taken em up the butt (lolzerz), as I .
They are now out, and have hit the stores. Let's discuss them here. Initial reports are great. They work much better than the pills taken sublingually, kinda close .
Quote: Originally Posted by opiatekrzy Even if you were to get the film strip in a nasal bottle, BE CAREFUL if you plugging suboxone strips sniff too hard, you will bypass the mucous membranes in .
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Hello im sara, new to this great forum. Im not advocating or suggesting this but it worked for me .Just quietly i thought i'd post that i now take my Suboxone like a .
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I feel almost nothing with IV suboxone(BAD drug to IV anyway). Although, most the time, I tried running 8mg(tablets and strips). Sometimes I felt a little lift with IV .
Dosing Discussion . "how long do strips keep there strength after cut open any buddy know ladder/hat /you guys up above?i had a couple open packs in my pants pocket .
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